Bringing You The Future In Fitness, Health And Technology 

Earn crypto whilst reaching your fitness goals.

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ShiftFit By Shift

Shift is set to revolutionise the health and fitness industry with its new state of the art app. Imagine a place where you can earn whilst achieving your fitness goals. ShiftFit will help you keep track and reach your fitness goals, whether you are looking to lose weight or build muscle gains.

Shift Technology

Shift Technology will be an exciting and innovative utility within our ecosystem focusing purely on the exploration of future technologies. We will aim to be at the forefront of the most innovative technologies to rival the big centralised companies. 

About Shift 

Shift is here to shake up the fitness industry by bringing fitness and health to the crypto world infused with cutting edge technology where holders can earn crypto for keeping fit and reaching their fitness goals.


Shift Token Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Update social media accounts

  • Update website

  • Release updated whitepaper

  • Initial marketing

Phase 2

  • Launch V2 contract on Uniswap

  • 1,000+ Holders 

  • 2000+ Telegram members 

  • CoinGecko listing 

  • Coin Market Cap listing 

  • Start development of ShiftFit App

Phase 3

  • Marketing campaign social media awareness Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok) 

  • Certik Audit 

  • Release ShiftFit App

  • Small Exchange listing  

Phase 4

  • Charitable donations

  • Merchandise release 

  • Engineers begin work on prototype Shift Technology products

Phase 5

  • First Shift Technology products available for purchase

  • Major exchange listing

  • International marketing campaign

  • Further Charitable donations 




Liquidity - To forever strengthen the price floor of Shift 


Charity - To give back to those who need our help the most

Buy tax will be 0% and sell tax will be 22% until further notice
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Marketing - To grow the Shift brand and bring maximum exposure 


Buy Backs - The wallet will be activated manually to stablize the price if required


Development - To aid the development of all of Shift Utilities 

Shift Whitepaper 

Reading the whitepaper should be prioritized before making any investments. Press the whitepaper button below to view the document. 

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